Dadu Aur Madak

The road into Kalpa, above Rekong Peo, was at last a well maintained paved road. It was a refreshing change as we climbed through great smelling pine forests.

The town, which is a holy place that is said to be the place that Shiva retired to to meditate and smoke hashish is visible in the background. There was in fact marijuana growing wild everywhere, by the roadsides, around our hotel--but none of it was very mature.

Kalpa's view of the Kailash is from the opposite side as that of Sangla.

In the tiny town's center, old men gamble (above), while kids mug for the camera (below)...

...and holy men solicit baksheesh.

About four kilometers beyond the town the road climbs above a deep gorge and then abruptly ends. I got this shot of Karen and this unique engineering from about a half kilometer away with the telephoto on the video camera.